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Hello! I am the owner and only moderator of Paper_Models. A yahoo group. That {as of 08/06/08} has over 2500 members! They consist of a few great designers who give expert advise! Who give of thier time and money to give us some realy cool free models! And thousands of members who build them! :D

Everything you find in our group is FREE! No Gimmics or Hassels!

We dont allow ads,spam,phishing or e-dateinfo. And especialy no Adult content! We have small children who visit! And we wouldnt want to spoil their fun! :D

Paper Modeling is a great hobbie and can be very easy on the budget! I hope we can provide you and/or your group an easy way to just pass some stress free time and/or start a hobby that is not only thousands of years old but one that will bring you closer to some very special people!

Paper Modelers!

Its free to join as well! Hope to meet you soon!




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    i wish i had that paper head lol be cool to make it out of a thicker paper fso you could make a storage out of the cranium

    That's a cool idea - maybe you can post some templates and instructions here?

    I've seen quite a few of those models before (I've used the volcano in lessons, and the dog with the illusion face was designed by a chap who makes a lot of stuff for Dr Who Adventures magazine).

    And I'm sure I saw Heed go past as well...

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    Gr8 thing you did printing smaller versions! I did these on A4 paper... The miniatures look cool and beautiful!

    My name on Youtube is helivestubes! You can watch the vid there! There is no prob at youtube! Helives!