Introduction: PaperOwl

This should help you make an origami owl, the titles are the instructions because i made a mistake

Step 1: Get Square Pice of Paper (scissors Will Be Needed for This Project)

Step 2: Fold Piece of Paper All Upwards, Side Ways, and Diagonally

Step 3: Grab the Horizontal Ends and Push Into Center

Step 4: Push Sides Together to Make a Diamond Shape

Step 5: Take Two Edges and Fold Them Into the Center

Step 6: Fold the Top Part Right Along the Edge, Then Open It Back Up, and the Two Edges Made Just Before

Step 7: Take the Top Piece of Paper and Push It Up to the Crease That Was Just Made

Step 8: Fold the Middle Piece Up So You Get a Diamond Shape in the Middle

Step 9: Then Take the Whole Flap and Push It Back Down

Step 10: Repeat the Same Steps on the Other Side

Step 11: What Is Should Look Like From Both Sides Now

Step 12: Take the Top Outer Edges and Fold Them Inwards on All Sides

Step 13: Push One of the Sides Without the Top Folds Towards the Center Point Where the Top Parts Meet

Step 14: Push the Sides Down Till It Looks Like a Wing Do This on Both Sides

Step 15: Fold the Top Part Down About Where the Shadows From the Other Side Are

Step 16: Fold Middle Piece Down for Beak Later On

Step 17: Fold Top Piece Towards the Point Where the Top Pieces Meet

Step 18: Fold Piece in So It Looks Like a Beak

Step 19: What It Should Look Like by Now

Step 20: Turn It Around and Cut the Back

Step 21: What It Should Look Like If It Was Not Too Confusing

Step 22: They Are a Bit Big So Cut Them Down a Bit

Step 23: Cut the Front of the Bottom Two Parts and Fold Them to the Sides for the Feet

Step 24: And Your Done

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    3 years ago

    This is really cute :)