PaperSmurfs (Pitufos De Papel)




Introduction: PaperSmurfs (Pitufos De Papel)

This is the SmurfVersion of My PaperMan ( )

I hope you enjoy both of them.

Step 1: Materials

- Graph Paper
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Xacto-like cutter (it is better than scissors for these small items).
- Two sided Faber-Castell. Why? Because it is perfect for this purpose.

Step 2: Drawing

Draw it. I hope you can view the pattern (nine squares tall, four squares width)

Pay attention on the shoulders (smooth half square to half square). You can cut My PaperMan's shoulders this way also.

Pay attention at the beard and the cuts on the neck. They also are half squared.

(Body 5 squares, head 2 squares, Smurfhat 2 squares; arms and legs 3 squares each)

Step 3: Coloring

Now it is time to use the two sided Faber-Castell.

Believe me, it is a lot easier to do it now, before you cut them.

I also add the bending lines in arms and legs, only for teach you.

OK, OK. you can use any other crayon. Farewell to my commission.

Step 4: Cutting

As you can see, I use the back cover of another notebook under the sheet to cut the paper.
Or you can use always the last page.

Xacto-like knife is a lot faster than the scissors.

Step 5: And It Is Done!

As you can see, they stand on their feet after bend them.

Using Cardboard makes them stronger, but it is only needed for 10cm tall Smurfs... ummm... is it live size?.... ummm.... I must try it...

Take a look at my PaperMan if you didn't do it before ( ) and remember that you can smooth it shoulders like the Smurfs one, it looks more natural this way (keep it neck as is).

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