Paperback Book Halloween Creations

Introduction: Paperback Book Halloween Creations

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All of these creations were made out of old paperback books.  They are very simple to make if you just have a little patience to fold the pages. 

Step 1: Folding the Pages

The first thing you need to do to make these is to get an old paperback book. (I pulled a few out of some yardsale stuff I had and then we purchased a few at a thrift store for the ones I made for my mother) The thicker and wider the book is, the more of a complete circle it will make, however they will stay together even if it doesn't go completely around once folded.

You need to fold the covers of the book first and hot glue them together. This will help it keep its shape while you are folding the book. After the covers are glued together, you will start folding the pages inward and do this until your book is completely folded. It takes a little while to fold the pages down, but this is something you can do while watching tv, etc.

Step 2: Inking the Pages to Add Color

Once all of your pages are folded, you will have a circular shape. Next, I used an ink pad to run along the sides of the pages to give the color to the book. (Note that this roughs up your ink pad somewhat, so you will want to use an old pad or a cheap one if possible) For these books, I used Martha Stewart inks in the following colors: madarin orange for the pumpkin, lilac for the monster, and stem green for Frankenstein.

Step 3: Decorating the Pumpkin

Now you are ready to decorate your books. For the pumpkins, I used a green popsicle stick and then cut a leaf from Gypsy Font to hot glue to the stick. I then hot glued the stick into the hole that will be left in the center of the book after it is folded. Next, I used the Pumpkin Carvings cart to cut the faces and hot glued them to the front of the book as well.

Step 4: Decorating the Monster

Next, for the Monster, I used the monster on page 30 of the Mini Monsters cart to get the horns, arms and mouth for this one and then added three large google eyes. I hot glued all of these items to the book to complet it.

Step 5: Decorating Frankenstein

For Frankenstein, I layed a black sheet of cardstock underneath the book and traced around it. I then cut a circle out about an inch larger than the one I traced and hand cut it jagged to make the hair. I then hot glued this to the top of the book and pressed down the edges and glued them as well. I then also hand cut the bolts from a pattern that I made. I used the Happy Hauntings cart to make the mouth and cut the stitches out. I inked the stitches with the Tim Holtz Antique Linen Distress Ink. I then hot glued all of these items and two google eyes to finish him off.

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    6 years ago

    This is a really cool idea!!! I am entering a craft show and i was wondering if you have any other cool ideas? Thanks!