Paperclip Bow

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Hi this is OJB again on my 4th instructable today I'm going to teach you how to make a paperclip bow! May your arrows fly far and high!

Step 1: Materials

1. Large paperclip

2. Medium size rubberband

3. Pliers (optional but will make it a whole lot easier)

4. Tape

Step 2: Unfold

Unfold you paperclip and straighten it out then use your pliers to bend it in a "C" shape.

Step 3: Bend Back

Bend back the top and bottom part of the C

Step 4: Bow String

Now get your rubberband and hook it on to the parts of the paperclip you just made. It should look similar to the picture

Step 5: Tape

Now tape the rubberband together so it looks like the pic

Step 6: Arrow

Now you can pretty much use anything you want that's long for and arrow but I would suggest using straws.



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    MEB and OJB

    4 years ago

    Maybe about 20 ft if you get the bow right