Paperclip Compass

You will need a tube of glue,a pair of scissors,a paperclip,a piece of thread,a pair of wire cutters and a magnet.

Step 1: Step 2

Bend part of the paperclip where it looks like normal but has one of the lines sticking out. Use the wire cutters to cut the part that is sticking out where it looks like the picture



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    2 Discussions

    mp 15-22

    4 years ago

    My son made this instructibles it's his first one but I can help you. You take the cut paper clip and tie the string in the middle. Next take a magnet and rub one end until it's magnetized. Hold it by the string n one end of the paper clip will point north the end you rubbed the magnet on.


    4 years ago

    Please finish this instructable....I want to know how to make it :(