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Introduction: Papercraft Airship Hull (L.Z. 100 Series)

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This is the hull of the papercraft airship I have designed. the engines, flying devices, as well armaments will be in in other Instuctables to come. files for the model are posted here.

Suggested Supplies:
1. Modeling knife
2. Wood or jade glue. (much better then glue stick yet messier.)
3. tape
4. cylinder brush handle (for curving pieces).
5. needle (for same reason as brush).
6. pliers (for small pieces).

I hope you enjoy the model.

Step 1: The Main Hull

Step 1: cut out 1 and 2.
Step 2: cut out the white holes in 1.
Step 3: glue front of 1 together and 2 to back of 1.

Step 4: Glue in bracers for more support if you wish. (They are not supplied, must create them yourself)

Step 2: Railings

Step 1: Cut out 20 to 24.
Step 2: glue together before cutting white in between railings. ( I found this way much easier)
Step 3: Then cut out the white paper. (this is a boring time consuming part but so worth it)
Step 4: Cut the railings 20 so they do not appear through the holes on side of hull.
Step 5: Glue railing 20 to hull making it even to the high point in front.

Step 3: Deck

Step 1: Cut out 3, 4, and 5.
Step 2: Cut out hole in 5.
Step 3: Glue 5 to hull starting it before hull angles up with the flaps facing down. ( will have to make notches in flaps if you added bracers.)
Step 4: Glue 4 on angle part with flaps facing up.
Step 5: Glue 3 to the only logical place to put it.
Step 6: Cut out 18 and 19 then glue to deck. as seen in picture two.

Step 4: Deck House/ Wheel House

Step 1: Cut out 6 and glue together. ( add bracers inside if you wish but do not block open area in back.)
Step 2: Cut out 10 and 11 and assemble. but do not glue onto 6 yet.
Step 3: Glue railing 23 on both sides. white flap goes on top of deck house. Higher side goes in the back.
Step 4: Glue 10 and 11 over flap with straight part in the back even to end.

Step 5: Wheel Controls

Step 1: Cut out 9 and assemble.
Step 2: Cut out 14, 15, and 16 and fold and glue so the yellow is on both sides. glue to side of 9 as seen in picture 2.
Step 3: Cut out 12 and be careful when cutting the white out. You can use both front and back pieces if you crazy or just color in the seen back with brown marker.
Step 4: Glue to 9 where you see a small blue circle.
Step 5: Cut out 13 and glue front and back together.
Step 6: Glue 13 to 9 as shown in picture 3.

Step 6: Stairs and Adding Deck House

Step 1: Glue the deck house to the hull. the open back part is to even with back of deck.
Step 2: Glue the Wheel Controls to the front in the center of the Deck house with the wheel facing the logical direction.
Step 3: Cut piece 17 and glue to the hull connecting to deck house. ( may need to do some cutting down for it to be even)
Step 4: Cut the stair railings so they all don't go down to the deck. 21 goes on the inside and 22 goes on the outside connecting to the hull and deck house railing.

Step 7: Captains Quarters

Step 1: Cut out 7 and tape together. (make bracer for this as well if wanted)
Step 2: Glue 7 to the back side of 8.1 and let dry.
Step 3: Cut it out. I found this way makes a neater end product.
Step 4: Insert into the open part of the Deck House.
Step 5: Glue 8.2 on top over 8.1 with flap down cause it to be on an angle.

Step 8: Mast

Step 1: Cut out 28 and 29 and assemble.
Step 2: Insert 28 into hole in the deck.
Step 3: Cut out 27 and make into a cylinder. make it so there is a snug fit into 28.
Step 4: Repeat step one for 29 and 30.
Step 5: Slide 29 down 27 to the bottom.
Step 6: Insert 30 on 27 only about down 1/8 inch.

And that is it for the for the hull part 1.

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    Colonel Hogan
    Colonel Hogan

    5 years ago

    The only problem is that i dont have $5 to spare


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I came up with it a long time ago unfortunately I forgot what it stood for...


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    If you came up with it randomly, that's a very scary coincedence. All airships manufactured by count Ferdinand von Zeppelin's Deutsche Luftschiff Reederei ("German Airship Company") were given a designation of LZ (standing, as I said, for Luftschiff Zeppelin, "Zeppelin Airship") followed by a number, the first being LZ1. Some of the most famous were Graf Zeppelin (LZ127) and the Hindenburg (LZ129). In some old photos of the Hindenburg, you can see the digits LZ129 painted in front of the aft engine car; is that where you got the abbreviation?