Papercraft Airship (L.Z. 100 Series): Armaments

Introduction: Papercraft Airship (L.Z. 100 Series): Armaments

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In the Second edition of building your very own steampunk papercraft airship I will be going over the construction of the weapons that will adorn your lovely vessel. The are the ever wonderful cannons (Only on military vessels.), the repeating cannon, and the Grapple hooks cannons.

The parts of this model are available on page 3.

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Step 1: Repeating Cannon

First is the construction of the repeating cannon.

First assemble piece 43 as pictures show below. Use a round object like a paint brush to curve and round the paper loosing it up. Then use a smaller object like a needle to roll it up really tight. glue one end and roll back up tightly again.

Second do the same to all of the pieces labeled 42.

Third glue the pieces 42 around the piece 43. Make sure that piece 43 is a little behind the others. as shown in picture below.

Step 2: Repeating Cannon 2

First wrap around the front of the cannon piece 44. leave a little space in the front. glue it about 1/16 back.

Second assemble 45 and stick the back of the cannon as far as you wish to achieve the length you find suitable.

Third Cut holes in the back of the cannon straight though in the back.

Step 3: Repeating Cannon 3

First take the piece 50 an attached to the back of the cannon.

Second cut out and glue together 49. BUT do not glue the bottom wider part together.

Third spread apart the wide part and glue to the top of the cannon.

Step 4: Cannon

Now for the old fashion type cannon

First take piece 58 and assemble

Second glue pieces 56 and 57 to the cannon. 56 the smaller in front and 57 the bigger is the back.

Step 5: Cannon 2

First assemble piece 60 and glue to the back of the cannon in the middle.

Second cut out 2 of piece 59 and glue together.

Third fold 59 in appropriate place and glue to to 60 as seen in second picture below.

Fourth Cut remaining piece 59 fold in half and glue. then glue to cannon as suggested below.

I have no pictures of the grappler since I didn't make it. So you'll have to go by the pictures shown in file

Step 6: Cannons Turrets

Now for the turrets holding the cannons to the vessel. (Steps are the same for all cannon types.)

First Cut hole through cannons near the back.

Second Stick 46 (repeating), 61 (cannon), 74 (grappler) through the hole to the other side.

Third glue 47 (64 or 77) to 46 ( 61 or 74)

Fourth Cut hole in between 47 (64 or 77) on the bottom of cannon.

Step 7: Cannon Turrets 2

First glue 43 (65 or 78) to the bottoms of 47 (64 or 77).

Second cut hole through middle to correspond to hole in bottom.

Third Stick 48 (61B or 79) through the holes. (make sure its nice and tug fit with 43 (65 or 78) but loose with the bottom of the cannon.

Fourth assemble 53 or use 55. depending on height wanted. then cut hole through the middle. 53 suggested for repeater. 62 and 63 for normal cannon (63 suggested), 75 and 76 for grappler. (76 suggested)

Step 8: Repeating Cannon (1 Final Step)

First cut out 52 and 51 fold them in half and glue.

Second glue 52 to 51

Third glue 51 to the side of 47 as shown below. (can use a small piece to bumper it out if you wish too.)

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