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Introduction: Papercraft Instructables Pinball Machine

After seeing this site I was inspired to make my own pinball machine.

I used one of their pinball templates and changed out all the graphics and replaced them with instructables stuff.

The result surprised me, I didn't think it would have turned out so well!

I made my first machine a few weeks ago and now I am showing you how to make your own.

To make this all you need is to download and print out he free template and you need scissors and glue.

I don't recommend using superglue, it is too runny and it will mess up the graphics.

So download the PDF and get started :D

Step one is cutting the model out, step two is assembling sheet one and step three is assembling sheet 2.

Step 1: Cutting.

Firstly you have to cut out all the pieces.

Each piece has multiple tabs and if your printer is low on ink it won't print the lines for the tabs thus making it hard to cut them out.

The tabs on each piece is symmetrical so if you see a tab on one side there has to be a tab on the other.

Begin by cutting out the rough shapes and then refine the cuts until you have the pieces.

You can tape or glue the pieces depending on your preferences.

Once you have cut out all the pieces you can move on!

Step 2: The Main Section, Page 1.

This should be fairly obvious but just in case, I have included photos of the assembly.

All of this step is made from the first of the two pages you will print.

In this step you will be making the main part of the machine, it is really simple and you can either tape or glue it together.

This unit consists of two parts, the top, front and sides and the other part is the back and base of the machine.

Once you have made this you can move on!

Step 3: Page Two, Final Assembly.

This step explains the assembly of page two.

Page two will make the score board and the legs.

The legs come with their own printed instructions so I don't need to explain anything here about them.

The score board is a little harder to make, it has a few pieces that overlap other tabs.

I suggest taping as you go, each time you get a fold right - tape it into place!

Keep doing this until you have finished the score board.

The legs don't have to be taped/glued after folding in half if you are taping them to the machine.

Once you have finished the whole model it is time to make another one!

Thanks for reading, if you liked this instructable please share this and please take a few seconds to vote for me in the papercraft contest :D

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    5 years ago

    I'm a big fan of pinball so this will you pretty cool when I'm done with it