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Have you ever been sitting at a cluttered desk and wanted to do papercraft or origami but you couldn't because it would just make the mess bigger?

Here is the perfect solution to your problem.

All you need is your tools you would generally use in papercraft or origami and a nice set of scissors and some glue.

You will also need a large piece of cardboard.

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Step 1:

You now need to trace out all your tools on the piece of cardboard.

Lay the paper out first, you should have a section for squares and a section for the off cuts of those squares like shown in the first photos. Be sure to leave at lease a cardboard width gap between the paper.

Now you can go ahead and lay out the rest of the tools.

Put them in the most logical order that you would use them in so you are not reaching past the tall glue bottle to get the pencil.

Now trace around the edges all the items one by one. You don't have to trace the whole outline, just a bit on the ends and some on the sides like in the 7th photo.

Once you have traced everything out you can cut the piece out around the edges like 9th photo shows.

Step 2: The Holder.

It is time to make the part that will hold everything in place, you will do this by cutting out pieces of cardboard that will fit the lines drawn.

I have shown you the simple process of the pencil and I'm sure you can make the rest on the same principle.

With the ruler, make two little pieces of cardboard and put them under the front edge of the holder so the ruler doesn't sit flat on the surface where you can't pick it up.

Once you have all the dividers made you have o wait until the glue sets.

When the glue sets you are good to go, use it and show it off because no one else has one! (except me...)

Thanks for reading, if you liked it please share it and vote!

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    2 Discussions

    "Have you ever been sitting at a cluttered desk and wanted to do papercraft or origami but you couldn't because it would just make the mess bigger?"

    Short answer: Yes

    Long Answer: I would have to find my desk first. I think it's under that pile of clutter in the corner.

    Great idea. The only problem is after you've made it, you have to remember to put the things in it. ;-)

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Haha, you really should make one and maybe add a few extra spots on it for the rest of the clutter...