Papercraft That You Must Make

Hi Guys welcome back

Here i am back with a super easy papercraft(Paper model) that you can make your self easily.

Thing you are going to need are


PVA glue

Steel Knife Cutter Tool

Cutting Mat


Safety pins

Pointed tip tweezers



Step 1: Getting the Model

First of all you need is a 3d model or some templates to be printed

For 3D files use applications like pepakura to convert 3D files into 2d printable parts otherwise use templates from web and some websites like

or you can find on google.

Next you have to print it on paper.

Step 2: Tips and Techniques

Cut and separate all parts separately using cutter and scissors, use the instructions as given in the paper craft / model

Use rulers to cut parts more accurately

Use glue to stick these parts together

use tweezers for very small parts for gluing them

Step 3: Some Examples



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