Papercraft (star Wars and Battlestar Galactica)



Introduction: Papercraft (star Wars and Battlestar Galactica)

The papercraft is an art of assembling multiple pieces of paper to build a character, vehicles or even different objects. This kind of work is increasing more and more on the net, I propose you today to discover one of my very sympathetic creations creations.

over these instructions you will see pictures of the construction of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. and the last page, I would let you see all my papercraft already made.

first of all , go visit this site to find papercraft that suits you best

Step 1: Choosing Paper & Printing Overall

There are no rules on the matter ... It depends on the desired result (appearance, size, use, rendering ...). Concerning the weight (or 'force of the paper), it is generally advisable to favor a correct thickness (at least 150g). Below, the folds may not keep very well and the object is too fragile.

Conversely, it is best not to choose too thick paper, in order to properly perform the folds, grooves and assembly. In fact, unless you have a very good material (such as a cutting plotter), it is better to forget the cardboard size (> 250g).

In the type of paper, everything is possible: Matte, glossy, photo ... white, colored, metallic ... Smooth, rough, granulated ... It's based on your creation!

For printing, a conventional inkjet printer will fit the bill.

Step 2: Cutting and Creasing

Cutting is often difficult and tedious. This is the assembly step that usually takes the most time. The model is more complex and there is a rounded, more this is true. Many users who download a template cheerfully face the arduous task (which often put off). We must therefore again move towards simplicity ...

hardware, a good pair of scissors (with pointed ends) is essential. For the final result, it is important to make clean cuts and clean avoiding fraying paper. For maximum accuracy and some "internal" cuts, there is a magical instrument, that art students are familiar with. This is the X-acto knife. Its thin and sharp blade will give you a great result.

Finally, for perfect folds, there is a little trick ^^ Take the time slotting the fold axes (upright or upside down, depending on the style you prefer). To do this, can use for a craft knife or X-Acto knife, taking care to push the blade without cutting the paper. It is obviously your guide groove with a rule, otherwise it risks being complicated!

Step 3: Folding, Assembly and Collage

one can recall a few elementary precautions: work in a comfortable environment, clean hands, never force, etc. Otherwise you are good to use for printing!

If your model requires glue, can be used very conventional products. white glue, liquid glue, vinyl glue, etc. Painful against by the too powerful adhesives like Super Glue, with which you could mostly sticking your fingers. The ideal is to use an adhesive not too liquid (the paper avoids curl) and does not dry too quickly (to properly position the paper). Most perfectionists may apply their glue with a paintbrush or a rigid plastic card (credit card type).

Here, there is more to leave to dry your model ... and admire.

Step 4: Finish and Personalization

Once your papertoy assembled, nothing prevents you to customize with different amenities: Fabric, jewelry, laces, stickers, various and varied accessories ... there 's no limit to your imagination (if not the weight of accessories of course !). I say it like that, but this type of customization is still quite rare in the world of papertoys, then that is the most beautiful effect ...

Step 5: Papercrafts Gallery

as promised at the first stage, this is all I've done to date. it may request a work and especially patience and a little time.

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