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Introduction: Papercruiser Model Cars

Hi All,

I noticed has a FREE download of the Rambler Ambassador thanks to designer Jesse Smith.  It comes with 3D wheels in a seperate pdf download - also free.  They have some reasonably priced ones for sale too.

I chose to laminate mine and then score the plastic with a knife before folding. turned out great. photos below:




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    Dude, did u forget something on that car?

    Heres my papercruiser vehicles I build:

    Mustang GT500 KR (red ) (purchased for $4.99)

    El Camino (red) (free) (out of stock)

    Power Wagon (cherry red) (purchased for $4.99)

    Raptor SVT (truckprousa blue) (free) (out of stock)

    2014 Tundra (brown) (purchased for $6.50) (redesgined)

    2014 Silverado (red) (purchased for $4.99) (redesgined)

    Jeep Wrangler JKU (4 door) (All things jeep green) (free) (out of stock)

    S2000 CR (blue) (free) (out of stock)

    4x4 Service ValkenBurg (custom 2010 hilux) (service valkenburg yellow) (free) (out of stock)

    Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon (stomper edition) (free) (rebuliding) (coming soon)

    (more coming soon)