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Introduction: Papercut Tree Art

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This project is about making a small piece of papercut art using two contrasting colours of paper.

What you will need:

- A (photo) frame

- Black paper and white paper (or other contrasting colours of your choice)

- Scissors

- Craft knife and cutting mat

- Pencil

- Double sided tape or a small amount of glue

Step 1: Draw Your Design

I drew mine off-centre, but you get the idea!

First draw an outline that is the same size as the 'display window' of your photo frame.

Draw a horizontal line inside this outline, about a third of the way up. This will be where the 'roots' end and the 'tree' starts.

Then draw your roots below the line and your tree above the line. You just want a basic outline, you don't have to be very detailed. I used a slipart image online as my inspiration/guide.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Roots

Now you just have to cut along the outline of the roots, then along the horizontal pencil line on either side. You want only the roots to remain in the bottom third of the paper.

I went a bit freestlye with my scissors due to my wonky drawing skills! But don't worry about being accurate; nothing has to be exact.

You will then need to cut a horizontal line with a craft knife (and cutting mat or scrap cardboard underneath) just above where the roots starts, and the line must be the same width as the tree trunk.

Step 3: Cut Out the Tree

Starting at one side of the horizontal line you just cut, follow the tree outline with your craft knife.

You will need to finish at the other side of the horizontal cut line.

Make sure you cut the tree shape out all in one piece and it's'll need it for the next step :)

Step 4: Attach the Second Layer of Roots

You will now put both pieces of paper upside down so that any pencil lines are hidden on the back.

Put the tree shape on top of the roots so it also looks like roots and is positioned where you would like it.

Cut most of the tree trunk off, except for a short section which will be folded over to form a flap. This flap is hooked over the gap in the paper and glued to keep the tree shape in place.

Looking back, it might have looked neater to just glue the tree shape straight on the back, rather than attaching it to the front. Just see what looks best for you, and do that!

Step 5:

Cut out a piece of black paper the same size at the inside of your photo frame.

Cut your white piece of paper along the outline around the top, so that it also now fits snugly inside the frame.

Use a very small amount of tape or glue to attach the white paper to the black. Don't add anything to the roots; they can hang freely.

Step 6: Finished!

Put your art in the frame, either under the glass or above it (I prefer it on top so that it keep the 3D look and isn't flattened).

And that's it; you've done it!

You can do this 2-tone effect for other subjects too, so I hope you have fun giving it a go.

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