Paperwallet Improvements



Introduction: Paperwallet Improvements

My take on theRIAA paper wallet

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Step 1: Inital Folds

fold paper width wise. (fat and wide instead of skinny and long)

Step 2: Second Fold

open up and fold ends into middle

Step 3: Third Fold

fold over

Step 4: Fourth Fold

fold in half

Step 5: Draw Out the Cuts

the original instructable had no dimensions to help cut the holes here I have added dimensions to make it easier to get my credit cards out of the inner pockets, cleanes up the edges and cut a window in for my id.
the cuts for flaps are 1/2 inch, the bottom split is 1/2 inch wide, the diamond is centered 1 3/8 inch from top fold with its wide points 1 1/2 inch from center fold.
the box depending on your id mine ahowed what info I needed it to show in a box 3 inches by 1 3/8 inches, centered 3/4 inch from top and bottom folds, 3/8 from center fold.

Step 6: Tape

I taped the length of the bottom slit, id window, and the top of the diamond.

Step 7: Finished

zipper fold as per theRIAA wallet but tape down all flaps as you make them. this keeps your cards from snagging on the flaps as you slide your cards in. reinforce the sides of the diamond that show.

you are done

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