Papier Mache "Very Hungry Caterpillar"




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I made a papier mache "Very Hungry Caterpillar" for a little guy's first birthday party.  It measures about 53" long, 34" tall and 10" side.  I used balls of newspaper as forms for the segments and after partially covering them with  papier mache strips, pulled the balls of paper out so the segments were hollow.  That was to keep the weight down for shipping.  It took about a month to make him as I could put a couple layers of papier mache on him, then had to let him dry for a day or two.  I made a homemade glue from flour, cornstarch, water and a little vinegar to retard mold.  I used acrylic paints mixed to give the blue/green colors and his gorgeous red head, then used non-toxic satin Mod-Podge as a sealer.  He was a big hit at the party!



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    Very authentic. It looks just like the one in the book. :)

    I hope you make a few for your favorite grade schools and or library. I'm sure they would brighten up the spaces for kids.

    I love paper mache my self and have used the flour technique that my mother taught me years ago. I have used the paper mashe techniques for many projects over the years. Such as making helmets based on my neighbors favorite super heroes and video games. Also for a bird head mask and a interactive coin bank or curio storage in the shape of a Yoshi. Its another video game character. You could make the little guy's tongue fling out by blowing in to a scale on the back and the saddle opened for storage. You can see it at my site if you like.
    Please note that my site is currently being refurbished. The design of the place really could use it. ;)

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    tdc2202Treasure Tabby

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    Thank you for the nice comments. I went to your instructables site, but didn't see the Yoshi. Is that the site you are talking about or is there another site to look at?

    Treasure Tabbytdc2202

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    Oh sorry Its at my personal web site, not here. :) I made it a long time ago and then gave it to a little girl at the time. You can access my web site here only its down at the moment so you'll have to check it out later if you like.


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    Sorry, one of the thank you's above was meant for you, but I did something wrong i think! But THANK YOU!