Papier-mâché Pineapple




Paper mache is a pretty fantastic childhood craft, especially combined with the lovely pineapple.
Learn to make a paper mache pineapple, and trick your friends!

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Step 1: Gather Your Stuff.

What you'll need:

Phonebook/newspaper (whatever is feasible to take into strips)
acrylic paints, spray paint
hot-glue gun

blow dryer
real pineapple

Step 2: Prep

In a bowl, mix glue and water. This is your solution to stick the strips of paper to the balloon.

Take a phonebook or whatever handy and tear strips.

Don't forget to blow up your balloon to however big you want it.

Step 3: Cover Your Balloon

Dip the strips of paper into the glue mixture and place them on your balloons. Cover the entire balloon with the strips. It is highly recommended to cover the balloon three or four times so it will be thick enough to later paint.

Step 4: Dry Your Paper Mache Balloon.

If you have a lot of time, let the balloon air dry.

If you don't have a lot of time, you have two options:
hair dryer
an oven (set at the LOWEST temperature or you risk a fire of epic failure)

Step 5: Paint

After your paper mache is dry, spray paint your balloon white. It allows for a base coat in order to paint your balloon.

After the base-coat drys, (using a real pineapple as inspiration) paint your paper mache!

Step 6: Glue on Leaves

Use a hot-glue gun to attach paper pineapple leaves.

Step 7: Compare

Compare your paper mache pineapple with the real thing.

A really good trick is to steal the pineapple tag from the real pineapple and glue it to your fake pineapple.

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    4 years ago on Step 4

    thank you for your step by step instructions and photographs; you've helped me with my wonder project.

    :D Thx