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Introduction: Para Cord Wrench

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Now I'm not suggesting that you should throw away your wrenches and just use paracord but in a pinch it works especially on bike wheels

Step 1: Beginning

Start with a length of paracord over 10" long and a bolt that either needs to be loosened of tightened

Step 2: Wrap

Take the paracord and wrap the way you want the bolt to turn make sure that you have a bout a 2" tag on one side and the rest of the paracord on the other side wrap over the 2" tag twice so that it stays secure with tension and does not move

Step 3: Pull Hard

Pull really hard and ta-da! the bolt will come free it might take you a few try's but it will work have fun with this and vote for me I the paracord contest



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    Nice, just tried it, works pretty good.