Parabolic Double Biquad 2 4ghz

So I made this on the fly after finding an old project from 15 years ago. This video is a little longer than usual as I wanted to show all the steps of making a double biquad.

A double biquad has a gain around 13 to 14dbi if constructed properly. Now if you replace the flat reflector with a parabolic curve you can increase this to 15 to 16dbi. Template:

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    3 years ago

    Hi, fascinating project. I see that you made a comparison of signal level against your older design and that it showed around 10- 15 % better level . For somebody like myself who is interested in building a similar antenna it would have been good to see the comparison in signal level to a simple "stick" antenna as is commonly used on wifi cards/routers and the like. Do you have any idea of the typical gain (dbi). Also do you

    have details of the parabolic perspex forms you used please and the spacer template you used for the active element bending.

    ? If these were in the video, sorry i missed them i will re-watch later.


    4 years ago

    Wow! Thanks for sharing!