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Introduction: Parachord Escape

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I'll teach you in these few steps how you can escape the cops from zip ties using only parachord

Step 1: Items

What your going to need are a pair of shoes and parachord

Step 2: Lace Your Shoes

What your gonna need to do is take of the laces of your shoes and replace the laces with parachord (make sure you use extra parachord because you will tie them around your shoes and burn through the zip tie.) after you lace the shoes singe the end of the parachord

Step 3: Calm Down

So you just got caught by the cops at a concert and instead of regular handcuffs they used zip ties what do you do now well first calm down as long as you have parachord laces you'll be ok

Step 4: Step One

First you have to take off your laces

Step 5: Step Two

Tie each end of the parachord around you shoes make sure you make it go around the zip ties

Step 6: Step Three

Next now that you have the zip tie between the parachord al you have to do is move you legs back and forth right leg goes up while your left leg goes down and repeat until you melt through the zip tie

Step 7: Escape and Run

Now you just melted through parachord get up and ruuuuuun!!!!!!!!

Step 8: Warning

I am not responsible for any damage happened if your caught this is for Educational purposes only. I am not responsible if you go to jail

Step 9: Credits

I'd like to thank neil Strauss, if it wasn't for his book emergency this book could save your life I would have never found this out. So if you want a good book and great tips on surviving I strongly recommend getting emergency and other book that he wrote he is a true literature genius.



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    clever but before u run....untie the lace....then again, maybe the cops will laugh so hard u might even make it after your first fall :P

    Hoped you all like it be responsible with this knowledge ok and don't get caught hahah

    Admiral001 you can melt through the flexi cuffs to if you hard and or fast enough plus if the first sting rips you'll always have the second one to go through the rest of the plastic I didn't use flexi cuffs in this post because I don't have any right now

    Flexi cuffs aren't just one big zip strip. you will be pulling on the strongest part. This ible is for humor purposes only.


    Thank you