Parachute Toy for Your Kids




This is an instructable of how kids may build_up heir own toy (with adult supervision at them ,in order the kids not to be injured by cutters or flames) that has the ability to fly.

Step 1: Plastic Bag

pick up a plastic bag of your choice ,and as i would suggest you the best ones are garbage bags. Then you just have to unfold it.

Step 2: Square

Now measure it an cut a square. After cutting the edges you should have 2 squares of one layer. we are going to work with only one, but keep the second if you want to make 2.

Step 3: String

Now choose a color of string of your likeness.

Step 4: ...

measure and cut the string as you can see in the pictures. Then light gently the edges in order not to fade. Do that 4 times because the parachute has 4 edges.

Step 5: Small Holes

Make one small hole at each corner of the square 3cm from the 2 sides(big enough to pas the string from inside , but not bigger).

Step 6: ​sellotape

stick pieces of sellotape around the hole without covering it. After you have finished with all 4 corners ,turn up-side-down the bag.

Step 7: ....

pass the one corner of the string from the hole. make a knot in the edge of the string ,making it impossible to pass again back. stick sellotape as previously but from this side. repeat that at all for corners of the plastic bag.

Step 8: Done

The only thing missing is to tighten up the small creature you want to fly (playbills are the best for me), Lets go outside and trough it from a height and see it flying



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    2 years ago

    This is a great idea, and would keep my kids busy for a while. Both making and playing, so a win-win! :)

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you. This is why i have made it.