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Introduction: Paracord Bike Frame Handle

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I saw this idea by Walnut Studiolo on Kickstarter. The version I created is made from paracord and aluminum bar. It attaches by loops and Chinese button knots.  Below you'll find a video on how to do that knot. 

Step 1: Shape the Bar

To get a proper curve for the handle I bent 1/2" X 1/8" aluminum bar over a paint can. This curve was too round so I opened back up some. 

Step 2: Cut to Length

Using a chisel and hammer I cut the bar so it was a little wider than my hand.

Step 3: Add the Brushed Finish

I eased any sharp edges with a scouring wheel. Next I went over the entire handle with 250 grit sand paper to give it a brushed finish. 

Step 4: Cobra Weave

I tied two button knots on separate pieces of paracord (check out the intro for a video on how to tie that knot). I then stacked the loops under the handle and used another section of paracord to cobra weave them together. I adjusted the length by pulling out some cord from the underside and trimming the excess. I then melted the ends and pushed them back under the weave. 

Step 5: Install

To install the handle you simply loop around the frame and over the button knots. Now you can carry your bike with paracord style. 



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Thanks,this is going straight on my new bike once it's delivered...

Just finished making this great project, I live on the 2nd floor of a building without an elevator so this is going to come in handy. While making this project I found that getting the length correct took some trial and error, what with the amount of elasticity in the paracord. I also found that the loops with the chinese ball knot came apart quite easily (this may just be down to not getting my cobra weave adequately tight) so I used the metal part from the top of a disposable lighter to make a crimp, keeping both ends securely fastened.

Slick idea! I have one question though: when you carry the bike, the loop towards the back braces itself against the clamp holding the front derailleur, do you think it's possible, after extensive use, for that to start causing minor adjustments to the placement of your derailleur? Perhaps not, but if so, that could cause some strangeness in your shifting.

Nice Bike !! It fits perfectly with your Green T-shirt ( I´ve got one of those too) Thanks for share, it`s ready in my Looooong "to do" List.

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Nice, this will just about disappear on my black frame! I can imagine it getting filthy if you get caught out in the rain though.

nicely done and I appreciated the knot tying video.

Man... This is one of those things you see and think immediately "Why didnt i think of that? it is sooo simple but sooo brilliant!"

<goes off and buys some more paracord>

Excellent !

I am so going to do this for my bike :), this is just awesome. Thank you so much for sharing.