Paracord Boonie Hat Wrap




Introduction: Paracord Boonie Hat Wrap

No matter where you go, there you are.

This video will show one of many possible methods of adding paracord to the branch loops of a boonie hat. The paracord can be removed for later use if needed. More knotty stuff on my blog: Stormdrane's Blog



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    Great idea. already made mine. love the look and the amount of cord it holds

    This amount of cord is great when I need to string the pitch of my hoochie (tent) from tree to tree.

    Does this apply to the newer boonies, which have a way closer/smaller loop size? My old boonie looks like the one in the photo/video, and could fit a zippo in every loop. My new one seems to have loops half the size, like this:

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    I've not tied one on a boonie hat with the closer/smaller loops, but it should still work, just there will be more crossings and they will be closer together.

    If the crossings use up more of the cord, there'd just be less to work under them around the hat, so you might use more than 30 feet of paracord to start with...

    Looks great! Is it easy? No. Not hard either, just time consuming. Nobody will need 30' of p-cord in an emergency in a HUGE hurry. This will stay put until ABSOLUTELY needed. Until then it looks nice, even all sloppy, like mine.

    I like it!

    Nice that there's no need for a clip of any kind - all you need is the cord. This won't fall off or blow off in any way, and no need to attach it with separate cords. And 6 min. plus is NOT too long to take while taking an "anti-freak-out" break to collect thoughts in an actual survival situation.

    Your projects always have such a great look to them, and a simplicity that borders on elegance - congratulations on clearly conveying a simple project that could be as useful as it is nice to look at!

    Carrying 30' of cord on a hat is a great idea, but your method makes it a pain in the [ ] to get the cord on or off of the hat. Show me a method to carry that much line on a hat that doesn't take 6:52 and I'll really be interested. Please don't take that the wrong way. I mean that as constructive criticism.

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    Bigger pain to do than your other one,but it does look better.Will do this on one of my other boonies.You never cease to amaze me by coming up with these relatively simple ideas.Thanks, keep them coming

    I like your other method better. This one I think I'd be wondering if the paracord was worth getting out of the hat. But, when it is, it's a great way to carry the cord. These things actually look good, too, which is a bonus.