Paracord Bracelet




Introduction: Paracord Bracelet

This Paracord bracelet is a useful and stylish piece of jewelry. It can be used in survival situations because of its durability and 4 ft of paracord. Always good to have in the wild!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

- Knife or scissor capable of cutting through paracord
- Lighter
- Tape Measure or Ruler
- 2 pieces of 40 in. Paracord
- 1 piece of 17 in. Paracord
- 2 small plastic buckles

Step 2: The Base

Take one of the 17 in. paracord strings and fold it in half

Step 3: The Base Pt 2

Put the 17 in paracord through the plastic buckle

Step 4: Make One of the Buckle Ends

Pull the cord tight to the buckle

Step 5: Repeat on Other Side

On the other end of the base string, place the other buckle on and melt the string together to seal it

Step 6: Take the Two Long Cords and Separate Them

once the base cord has both buckles sealed on it, start the weaving process by pulling the two long cords away from each other

Step 7: Start Weaving

Start weaving by bringing the right cord under the base pair and the left cord over it and through the loop that the right cord created 

Step 8: Pull First Knot Tight

Pull the first knot very tightly

Step 9: Continue Pattern

Continue the pattern except alternate every time. Start with the left string under the base cord then go to right string under the base cord 

Step 10: Continue Weaving

Continue this pattern until the base cord is no longer visible

Step 11: Tie or Melt the End

Once there is no more base cord showing, tie a not or melt the cord to the bracelet to keep it from coming undone

Step 12: Finished Product

Look stylish!

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    your picters are fuzzy


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    did you put the melted in the freezer