Paracord Bracelet (No Clip)

Introduction: Paracord Bracelet (No Clip)

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I thought I would show how I made my paracord bracelet. My bracelet I did not use a clip. Instead I put the ends of the paracord inside each other then used a lighter to melt the paracord to it' self.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies:




tape measure

Step 2: Making

This Bracelet is pretty easy to make. You'll start by wrapping the paracord around your wrist. Wrap it around your wrist twice having the paracord side by side. After you it wrapped around make sure to hold onto the end. This is where you going to connect the other end of the paracord into. I would recommend pinching the paracord at this spot then simply start wrapping the paracord perpendicular to the the paracord you wrapped around twice. All your doing is wrapping the paracord tight right next to each other going around and around. Then once you have gone all the way around connect the two ends. I pinched one end and used a lighter to make one end smaller. Then on the other end I cut out the inside of the paracord and put a pen in it make a bigger area for the smaller end to put in. Use a lighter to melt the paracord into itself.

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