Paracord Carboy Dryer

Introduction: Paracord Carboy Dryer

Super simple, effective carboy drying rig.
Materials: Paracord 8 feet
Knots: Overhand, barrel hitch, fisherman's knot

Step 1: The Knots...

There are basically three knots you'll need to make this rig. Simple overhand knot, a barrel hitch, and a fisherman's knot.

Step 2: The Eye...

The eye needs to measure, streched, about four inches. Tie your overhand knot to secure. This loop is the holster for the neck of the carboy.

Step 3: Barrel Hitch...

Another overhand knot here will create the barrel hitch and the cradle for the body of the carboy.

Step 4: Fisherman's Knot...

You'll use this knot, or perhaps another, to close a loop.

Step 5: Hanging It Out to Dry!

With the neck of the carboy pointing towards the ground, place the first loop over the neck. Now the second knot will need to be moved up towards the base of the carboy. With the knot now away from the first loop, separate the knot, you'll be applying the barrel hitch to the body of the carboy. The loop the hitch creates should be close to the base of the carboy to ensure good stability.

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