Paracord Dog Toy


Introduction: Paracord Dog Toy

Lighter (optional)

Step 1: Get Ready

Make a slip knot
-Make a loop with the cord left over right
-make a bight with the right cord
-Thread the bight through the loop

Step 2: Start Weaving

Loop the cord that doesn't control the loop size around the slip knot and through the loop you made. Then loop the cord the other way and do likewise

Step 3: Keep Goin'

Not done yet

Step 4: Finish

Put the end of the cord through the loop then pull the bottom cord

Step 5: Play

Snip and singe and throw for your dog for fun



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    Do you have a sizing for larger dogs because in the picture there is a smaller dog do you think I would need a full thing of paracord or 18-24 in. Of paracord for a dog of this size:

    15, 2:20 PM.jpg