Paracord Donut Storage

Introduction: Paracord Donut Storage

I apologize to all my subscribers for not making another Instructable for such a long while but I haven't been able to come up with anything worth making an 'ible out of. However I found something that I think you might like. Today I will be showing you how to store your paracord as compactly as possible. By making the paracord donut. I hope you enjoy and please comment and subscribe !

Step 1: Materials

Today all you'll need is:
- Paracord

Any length will do, obviously if it's for storage ; )

Step 2: Looping

To begin with take your paracord in your hand and pinch the end between your fingers and your palm. Make two loops around your palm and back of your hand and pinch that between your fingers as well. And spread your fingers apart to make the loop a little bigger. Now take the other end and bring it from the inside around the back and through the hole from the back. And pull the end. Repeat this step over and over again. And eventually it will start to look like a "donut".

Step 3: Finishing

Eventually you will cover all the "donut" in paracord and you will start to run out of rope. When you do, just take the end and make a simple knot by pushing the end through one of the loops in the donut. Then you are done !

Step 4: Done

I really hope you liked this Instrucatble. If you have any questions then please ask in the comment section. Or just leave a comment, it means a lot. Please favorite and subscribe, thanks a lot guys !



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    4 Discussions

    Sorry, but there is an instructable from "trans4mation" for a tangle-free version ("Paracord Storage - tangle free!") resulting in a similar donut-shaped form and it's way easier to produce (IMHO).

    1 reply

    Ok thanks, but this one's mine I figured out how to do it by myself, I saw the topic and decided to try it.

    I found your donuts to be quite stringy, tasteless and indigestible, with no sugar whatsoever. Why no chocolate? So disappointing. Oh - you weren't going for the Snack category...

    Just kidding! Great Instructible!

    1 reply

    I never was a good cook, does this mean I don't get a tip ? ; ) thanks for your comment, made me laugh : )