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Introduction: Paracord Earings

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I was thinking about what to do with the 7 inner strands from the paracord ring instructable when it came to me! Earings, why not. I have the parts & tools, so here they are! This is an extreme use of paracord since it is originally made for supporting a military parachute. It was never intended to become earrings but I tend to be extreme about re-cycling everything. 

Step 1: Remove the Seven Inner Strands

Cut off a piece of paracord about  6 inches for each earing. Pull out the seven strands from each piece. You should have a total of 14.

Step 2: Lay Out Seven Strands for Each Earing

Take seven strands and lay them in two seperate bundles. You want them to be even so you can fuse them at one end. You can use a soldering gun or a drop of super glue gel. Your choice. Once that is done, take the crimp ring earring thing and crimp it onto the fused end of the strands. See picture.

Step 3: Add the Turquoise Beads

I decided to add a tiny bead to each strand. This is optional but adds a bit of color to the earrings. Its very tedious. I have done this before and have developed a system that works for me. I slide a tiny wire (made for this purpose) over each strand and slide a bead onto the wire. then slide the bead onto the strand. Once this is done I fuse the end of each strand with a lighter to form a tiny bulge at the strand end. This keeps the bead from sliding off. This takes a lot of patience , so take your time!

Step 4: Attach the Earing Wire Ends

Now you can attach the earing wire ends. I used split rings because I like how permanent they are as apposed to jump rings that are only one loop. Again your choice, the jump rings are easy to bend. All these parts (called findings) are available at Michael's Crafts or A.C. Moore Crafts.

Step 5: Two Ways to Attach the Ends

You can use a heat gun or super glue gel. Gel is easier.

Step 6: Enjoy Your New Earrings!

p.s. they make great gifts!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I made a modified version of these. Will post soon!

    I tried to convince my wife to do this with my paracord fishing lure. I like the idea maybe use more beads.