Paracord - Fast Binder (Cable Binder Mechanics)




Introduction: Paracord - Fast Binder (Cable Binder Mechanics)

I see that (kind of, but not exactly this) in a paracord bracelet. it was a simple sizeable bracelet because of this trick, but i modified and this way you can use this for some things (mostly binding things off course).

// The Things you need //

  1. Cutting tool [Scissor, Knife etc.]
  2. Lighter
  3. 2 paracord [1 longer and 1 smaller]

Step 1: // 1. Preparing //

(I have here an another color because i dont have more photo from hat one,but this will be the smallest part.)

// 1. Cut down the 2 parcord t the sizes. //

(you can do more on the bigger if you want to use this on bigger things.)

Smaller: 1.6 ft

Bigger: 4.2 ft (mostly good for arms. I use this to fasten a bandage in my arm, i worked with that in my arm, and its really works great.)

// 2. Burn the ends so it will stay in one piece. //

Step 2: // Making the Holder Part //

Take the longer part, fold it half, then fold like in the rirst pic.

From on you can understand the steps in the pictures.

Its more understandble that way anyway.

NOTE 1: You start the steps ALWAYS with the one, that looks backwards.(that on the top always.)

NOTE 2: It holds better if you make the hole thing tight, while you make it.

Step 3: // Finishing the Holder Part //

After you make the part, (i usually make 6-7 segments as you can see.) cut down, heat up, and flatten (push something metal thing). That will stop the cord and it wont fall apart.

Step 4: // Last Step //

Pull out some cord on the side where is the two separated lines.

The coming out parts: 0.8 ft (BARELY enough)

Do the same technique again on the holding part. (that was a cobra, or solomon , now it will be a king cobra)

Work out the ends, and DONE!

i hope you like it its pretty unique, i don't see this on the web.

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I like the way you go into the mechanics of it, a little deeper than just "follow these actions". Thanks!!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah i tough the pictures show every step clearly. This is why i add that many pics. If you saw things on pictures,its more understandble in my opinion.