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In this instructible I will be showing you how to make a paracord and nut gecko I saw on youtube. For this instructible you will need 38 inches of paracord and 46 1/2 nuts. Note I will be using different colors of paracord so it will be easier to explain.

Step 1: Getting Started

First find the middle part of your string and put a nut where the middle part is.

Step 2: Add Your Nuts

Ok now get two nuts and put them on the white string. Get your red string and sew it though your nuts. After you thread the red string in tighten the strings and make sure the first nut is in the middle.Now keep adding on

Step 3: Add Three More Nuts

Ok now add three more nuts on the white string and thread the red string through the nuts. Then tighten it. Add two more nuts. Then tighten again.

Step 4: Feet

Now we get to the feet. Add four nuts on the white string. Grab the end of the white string and thread it in the nut I'm pointing with the ruler. Now tighten it. And as your tightening it try to put it in the shape of the picture above.

Step 5: The Other Foot

Now just do the exact same that you did on the other foot

Step 6: The Body

Now to the body. Put three nuts on white string and thread it through with the red string. Now add 4 more nuts. Again repeat and do four more. Now add three more nuts.

Step 7: Sadly More Feet

Now do the exact same thing you did with the front feet.

Step 8: Almost Done

Now add two more nuts to begin your tail.

Step 9: The Tail

Add one nut to the tail and thread it and repeat this process four times or if you want it longer just keep adding until you've reached the desired length.

Step 10: Your Finish

Now add fire to the edges so they can stay together. Yay, you're all done hope you enjoy your lizard. And don't forget to vote.

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11 Discussions

Schyler Shutler

2 years ago

I love it I tried it out and my brother and sister want one too I made my whole family one. I got all the bolts from taking apart my Radio control cars I love it!


4 years ago on Introduction

My son lives out of state and raises high dollar hybrid geckos as a side business. I'm gonna make one of these for him this weekend. Thanks!


4 years ago

No prob, looks good!


4 years ago

Nice piece. It's a toy, charm, and if needed a weapon.


4 years ago

Thank you for your votes