Paracord Heart Necklace




Introduction: Paracord Heart Necklace

For this 'ible I will be showing you how to make a heart necklace for someone you would like to give a nice gift to on Valentine's Day or a Birthday or whatever you could think of. I really hope you enjoy, if you do then please comment and subscribe ! By the way, I hope you all enjoy the shamrock backdrop ; ), thanks and enjoy !

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Step 1: Materials

For this 'ible you will need the following items:
- Paracord (color of your choice, I will be using blue, make sure paracord still has inner strings inside)
- a lighter
- pliers (a second pair would help)
- small key chain ring
- 4 paracord inner strings

Step 2: Weaving

Okay we are going to be weaving the strings now. First take your strings and line them up as close together as you can, then hold them with your pliers and melt all the strings together at the end so they won't slip apart during weaving. Now, take the string at the top and twist it into your hand, so that it becomes tighter, if the strings become loose and separate then go the other way. After the first string is wound up tight, lay it over the other strings, and with the rest of your fingers bring the three extra strings to the top. So your original string that was at the top is now at the bottom and the fourth string is above it. Continue with the weave. To recap, take the string at the top and twist it so it becomes tighter, then lay it over the three extra strings and bring the three strings up and around the other string, so that the fourth string is now above the original first string. By the way, when you bring the three extra strings up, make sure you bring them up from behind the first string, bring the first string towards you, and the three away from you. Eventually you will have successfully weaved all the chord, now put the keychain ring through one of the strings and tie a knot where the strings end. Now it will look like a necklace. Proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Heart Knot

Okay, now take your paracord string, we are about to begin tying the knot. Make sure your paracord still has the insides. Take the paracord and make a loop and push one of the strings through the loop, from underneath. Then bring the string back, over the first string, under the second, and over the third. Now, you have to be careful on this next step, it will get fray treating so just keep your patience. Bring the string you were just using, back around, under the first string, over the second string, under the third, and finally over the fourth. Now, just tighten and you should eventually get a heart knot, if not then just go back and try to see what you did wrong. If you need more explanation then please ask for it in the comment section, proceed to the final step.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Now we are going to be putting it all together. Take the two strings of paracord and loop them through the keychain ring, melt the two ends together and it should stay. If you did everything correctly you will have a nice heart necklace. I really hope you enjoyed this Instrucatble, if you did then please comment and subscribe !!! Thanks everyone !!!!!!!

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