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Introduction: Paracord Jig

I was looking at paracord jig tutorials online and I decided to head out to the garage and build one with what I had on hand. This is what I came up with. Materials: (4) large (5 gal) paint sticks. Hardware: (1) bolt, (1) fender washer, (1) standard washer, (1) wing nut, (2) screws, (2) wire clamps (1) buckle.Tools required; handsaw and a drill. You will also need wood (carpenters) glue and a pencil. Assembly: cut the "handles" off of two of the paint sticks so you have two "rails" measuring 171/4. With the remaining paint sticks, you will want to cut (6) 3" pieces...two for the feet, two for the stationary bracket mount and two for the sliding bracket mount. Glue the feet to the bottom and allow to dry. Meanwhile, glue the two the pieces for the stationary mount and the two pieces for the sliding mount together. Allow to dry. Glue the stationary mount to the rails. Allow to dry. Find the center point on the sliding mount and draw a line along the 3" length. Put the wire clamp on the male buckle end and place on that center line in position and mark the screw hole. Mark the position of the hole for the bolt behind the screw hole making sure that you have clearance. You don't want the screw and the wire clamp interfering with the wing nut. Drill a hole through the sliding bracket for the bolt. Now, place the fender washer on the bolt and feed up from the bottom of the jig and through the hole you drilled in your sliding mount. Place the standard washer over the bolt and then the wing nut. Attach your buckles. You now have a 12" paracord jig. Cost: For me, (0) ZERO. Paint sticks are free from the home center. Hardware would likely be no mare than a dollar or two. NOTES: Use WOOD glue...not white glue. Do not use Gorilla expands as it dries. Okay, that's it. I hope this inspires you, Enjoy!

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    4 years ago

    Nice! Don't forget to post what you make with it!!