Paracord Knife Handle




Introduction: Paracord Knife Handle

Make a Paracord Knife Handle, the paracord supplies you will need: A Knife, about 6 feet of Paracord, some scissors, and a lighter. If the handle of your knife fell off or broke, simply wrap it in 550 Paracord. Then when you need some rope just unravel it from your knife and your ready to go. Already completed this learn more Paracord Knots, try these other Paracord Projects. Check out the New Paracord Blog -Paracord

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Step 1: Paracord Knife Handle - Step 1

Take the center strings out of the paracord, then fold the paracord in half. Put the knife in the middle, and wrap the paracord around it making it cross, like in the picture below. Pull it tight, and bring the paracord to the other side and cross it.

Step 2: Paracord Knife Handle - Step 2

Continue wrapping the knife handle in paracord. Make a X with the paracord, pull it tight and bring the paracord to the other side. Then do it again. Continue it until you get about a inch from the end of the handle.

Step 3: Paracord Knife Handle - Step 3

Once you have the handle the length you want it, tuck the paracord ends back into the braid.

Step 4: Paracord Knife Handle - Step 4

Your Paracord Knife handle is almost done. Just cut the Paracord ends off, and melt them close the the handle. Now you paracord knife handle is complete. Next time you in the woods and need some rope, just unravel it from your knife. There are a few different ways to wrap it, this is a easier one, and takes about 10 minutes. Completed this, more Get Paracord, and Paracord Bracelet Instructions to make a Viper Paracord Bracelet, or more Paracord Projects.

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    3 years ago

    Good looking knife ,the wrap really made a diffrence . Thanks for letting me check it out