Paracord Lanyard




Simple braided paracord lanyard

Step 1: Material List

1 Clip, 16 feet paracord. Cut into 4 cords each 4 feet long.

Step 2: Knot and Begin Braid

Take two cords and tie them together, repeat with the other two cords. I used a square knot. now you have two cords with a knot in the middle. Grab one end of each cord feed it through the clip until the knot come to the clip, and begin braid.
You've got 4 cords. Take the first line on the far left and lay it over two cords into the third position. Next take the fourth far right cord and lay over the third cord into the third position.
repeat this until you have s couple inches of unbraided cord for tying off.

Step 3: Tie Off and Finish

Use the same knots as before and tie to the clip. Trim any extra length. Then burn your ends together.



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