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Introduction: Paracord Leatherman Case

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How to make a woven paracord leatherman case. I

Step 1: The Solomon Stitch

The basic stitch for paracord bracelets is called the Solomon knot. That is the knot in red on the case. The black is just a simple weave, like in a basket. Follow the steps to the the knot. If you know how, skip this step. The pattern repeats itself. After the last picture, start from the third picture again. It is a repetitive knot, and with some practice it should be easy to learn.

Step 2: The Red Solomon Part

First, you have to tie a Solomon. Measure your knife, like the first picture, and if you want to do a carabiner clip-on then you should leave an extra inch or so like I did. Then, begin the Solomon. For those of you who do not use paracord too often, when I began using paracord all of my bracelets were short on rope. For every inch the beginning loop is (the one shown in picture one), there should be 1 foot of paracord. So if that loop was roughly 11 inches like mine, do at least 11 feet of cord. I usually then add a bit to be safe, and you can even double the amount and it will almost always fit if you want more rope. 1 foot for each inch is the bare minimum ratio.

Step 3: The Black Weave

This is simple. Put the black through every other Solomon loop as shown, and then once the bottom is hit, continue passing through the solomons at the bottom but go up and down in a basic weave pattern as shown. My weave is okay but not perfect, but you can make it look really nice by attempting to dress it, or straighten out the crooked pieces of ropes. Do this on both sides, but as you do the first weave the side might get tight, so I put a quick little haphazard one on the other side shown in one of the pictures so the sides could be proportioned.

Step 4: Options for Attatching Case

The clip shown on the case is a little ring to go on the carabiner. If that is not the right solution for you, you can use a belt connecter made with a Solomon knot as shown here. Tie a Solomon that is a bit larger than your belt, so like two and a half inches, and tie it on as shown. The end is a simple overhand knot because a square knot is too bulky, an then it is fused on. The end is a little long, but it can be cut and fused too.

Step 5: Expansions to Project

I had seen other things on the Internet, but not one of these cases. Maybe I just missed it, because I'm sure there's at least one other out in the world somewhere, but I decided to make this case. There are many other things and ideas, such as a larger case with a similar design to hold a pack of cards, or even (a little bit less related) a can cooling sock. So, if you liked this project, go check these things out online too.

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