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Introduction: Paracord Lighter Wrap Keychain

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This started out as a holder for my multi tool. yeeeaaaaahhh .. that didn't work out so good. but have no fear .. I know what went wrong and I will be making a holder to fit my multi tool.

This weave on the other hand is perfect for wrapping up something smaller .. like a lighter.

Step 1: Starting the Core Weave

Instead of the typical solomon or cobra weave, this holder uses a chain sinnet as the core of the construction.

This project takes approx 60 inches of paracord to make. If you are making this for the first time I would recommend at least 70 inches of paracord to give yourself room for error. After that you will know how much you will need to use for future weaves.

I started the project with a simple loop that will later attach to a key chain or carabiner.

the chain sinnet is a series of slip knots woven in series to make a braid out of a single strand of cordage.

take the time to keep your weave consistent (you can see in the third picture, I keep the working end of the weave to the left each time I make another slip knot) to get a more attractive finished product.

for a standard bic lighter you will need a weave 7 inches long. 3 inches for each side and 1 inch to cover the bottom of the lighter.

Step 2: Finishing the Core Weave

Once you have your core to the desired length you need to finish off the weave so it doesn't unravel.

By passing the paracord through weave instead of making another loop you will lock the weave so that it does not come undone.

Step 3:

Now it is time to grab your Fid and weave the sides of the holder.

You will notice that the chain sinnet weave has a triangular shape to it. Make sure to have the top of the triangle faced out so that 1) the flat side will rest against the lighter to give it more stability 2) the taper of the weave to the outside makes it more comfortable to hold

Work the paracord into the top loop of the key chain side move down one loop and weave the paracord back to the other side.

Continue weaving the ladder down to the bottom of the holder.

Step 4: Time to Flip It Over

Once you have woven down to the bottom of the first side, bring the paracord down to the next loop and pass it through to lock it in place.

You can then pass your fid through the other side of the same loop that was your bottom rung on the first side.

then it is just a matter of weaving the ladder back up the second side until you get to the top.

Step 5: Finishing the Project

A simple cow hitch knot will secure the paracord below the knot you made to be the key chain loop.

Trim the paracord and finish the end so it won't unravel.

Find a key chain you want to attach it to and away you go.

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Alex 2Q
Alex 2Q

4 years ago

Very cool idea thanks for sharing!

Cheers Alex