Paracord Nalgene Water Bottles Case

Introduction: Paracord Nalgene Water Bottles Case

A handy way to carrie your water bottle, and if you fill it with ice like I do it also absorbs the condensation so it doesn't make a mess. it is also easy to remove case just loosen the top string and it will slide off.

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Step 1: Materials

Parachute cord
-Prime color about 31 feet
-Secondary color 24 feet
Bulletin board with pins
Piece of paper and pen
Duct tape(because every great project needs duct tape)
Piece of cardboard
Nalgene water bottle

- Beads
-Tweezers(it's easier to pull the strings through)

Step 2: Trace

Trace the bottom of your water bottle then square off as shown.

Step 3: Making the Base

Taking your primary color Go back-and-forth over your drawing 10 times placing a pin at each turn. Then take your secondary color and weave it through. Make sure to leave about 2 inches extra cord at the starting ends.

Step 4: Remove Pins

After you finish weaving the secondary color through remove the pins and adjust the strings until they are evenly distributed. On the starting side you can just tie a knot or like I did and conjoin the strings and then pulled it through. ( see next step)

Step 5: How Do I Attach Two ParaCords

Pull out the inside and cut off about an inch and a half. do this to both the ends you're going to Attach. Use your lighter to melt one of the ends and then cut it at an angle. Then push it inside the other one and melt them together with the lighter.

Step 6: Make Life Easier by Marking Where Your Loops Will Go

Mark 24 holes where the vertical strings will go through. There should be six per side.

Step 7: Add Cardboard

Duct tape cardboard around your bottle and mark the spot where the lip of the bottle is. Cut 18 inches of your secondary color then tie or clasp it About an inch and a half above this line and that tape it down with it duct tape.

Step 8: Begin Stringing Vertical String

this is important and will cause you headaches later if you don't follow this!! Start from the bottom with your excess from the base of the primary color when you reach the top string go under and over, tape down with duct tape as you go so that your first string that you taped down is the string that's going up and the second one is the one going down. When you reach the bottom again go from the inside out and over the loop. Repeat this 24 times as you move around the bottle. Take out the marker strings as you go. Make sure your last string ends the top otherwise you will have an even number of strings.

Step 9: Now Begin Weaving Your Secondary Color

Using the excess of your secondary color from the base start weaving your way around the bottle keep going around until you reach the top(I went around 14 times), push the lines down as you go. You can add beads in the weave if you want to. As you get towards the top you will have to take off the cardboard but by this point you should be able to follow the previous line as a guide. You also have to remove the duct tape as you go.

Step 10: Finish Off

Tie ends together and cut off excess, then melt with a lighter so it does not come undone.

Step 11: Adding the Handle

Separate two lines so they look like this. Do this on the opposite side of your clasp or knot for the top band.Measure 25 inches of each color attach them using the method described in step 5. For the lower end of your handle put the point at which the two colors meet behind the two lines. Go up to where you want the top of your handle to be and put one string on either side of the two lines. Measure to make sure it's how you like it, keeping in mind that it will be just a bit smaller. Then do square knots down to the bottom Of your handle.

Step 12: Finishing the Handle

Cut the strings short then melt with lighter so They don't come undone.

Step 13: Add Embellishments. I Added Celtic Knot Work to This One.

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