Paracord Noose Bracelet (tutorial)



Introduction: Paracord Noose Bracelet (tutorial)

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Step 1: Noose

If you don't already know how to make a noose.. Please check out my last instructables on how to make it..once you've made it..come back here and let's make a Bracelet!

Step 2:

Once the noose is made..take the longer stand and thread it through the loop that the noose has created. Like so in the picture above.

Step 3:

Once'd wanna make the letter "S" with the paracord. Like so in the picture above.
If confused..follow my last tutorial on how to make the noose if needed a better explanation.

Step 4:

Once made and wrapped..cut and singe the excess off to have a nice and smooth finish! Then your done!

Step 5:

If you liked this bracelet tutorial check out my other ones! If you want to see any types of bracelets made and explained..comment below a picture on what you'd like to see next time!

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