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Intro: Paracord Handle

We have some aluminum pots and pans that are very good for cooking, but the handles get extremely hot. For a while we would use an oven mitt on them, but why not just create a way to keep them cool.

Step 1: "Whip" the Handle

Whipping is a way of wrapping a small string around the end of a rope to keep it from fraying. The same method can be used around this handle.

I cut off about 8 feet of paracord.

Make a bend in the line about 8 inches from the end, and lay it on the handle with the pot turned upside down. Take the long end and start wrapping it around the handle as tight as you can get it.

Step 2: Tie, Cut, and Seal

Continue wrapping until your get to the "loop" that you made with the initial bend. By this time i twill look like a little loop, that you can thread the free end of the cord through.

When the cord is through the loop, use a pair of pliers and pull the loop closed with the opposite end of cord (that is sticking off the end of the handle) Pull the loop under the wrapping about a inch or two and it will lock the whole cord where it is.

Now just cut off the ends and melt to clean it all up.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    I used this method to bind the handles of some cheap throwing knives. Using much thinner cotton twine I tied a slip knot at the handle base and wrapped the handle directly off the ball of twine. Cut it when you get to the loop and you can thread and pull the loop and tidy up using scissors. Using thinner cord gives a tighter finish and is cheaper to replace.


    4 years ago

    Made is but did it to a garden tool that the dog chewed up

    14, 10:30.jpg

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hrm, I wonder what the burning and or melting point of said plastic based paracord could be ?
    Maybe an all natural fiber would be a better choice.

    directions a bit confusing to me, but good job! I like this idea, as I have the same issue with my pans, and been needing an idea! Thanks!