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Introduction: Paracord Ring

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This is a cool simple project to make thOrdering paracord online is cheaperat is also inexpensive. The paracord ring can be made with a little bit of paracord. You will only need a few tools to complete this project. Making them in many different colors would be cool also. This could also be into toe rings as well. Paracord works great for a ring because it sits flat in between your fingers and can barely tell your wearing it.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies






Step 2: Making

Making the paracord ring is pretty straight forward. Start by cutting your paracord string using scrap paracord is nice to use so it's less waste. You will only need about 3 inches for to make one.

Once you have your 3 inch piece start by taking out the white inner string of the paracord. This should come out easy can use a TWEEZERS if needed.

Now take one end of the paracord and pinch it together and melt with a lighter. This end will go inside the other end of the paracord.

Take your paracord and wrap it around your finger make it about 1-2 cm longer. Take your PEN and stick it in the hole of the paracord pushing out the edges. This will help with sticking the other end of the paracord that you melted in side of itself.

Wrap the paracord around your finger again and push the one end into the other of the paracord at the right size for your finger.

Take off and take your LIGHTER and melt the paracord end to each other with the one inside the other.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea! I hate wearing jewelry of any kind... so maybe I could finally appease my wife if I started wearing a paracord wedding ring. Hmm.

    Thanks for posting this!