Paracord Self Defense/Survival With Duct Tape





Introduction: Paracord Self Defense/Survival With Duct Tape

Step 1: Create the Monkeys Fist

I used a jig which makes it way easier. First you put your core in the jig. Then wrap around 8 times on each side and tighten.

Step 2: Duct Tape Role

First get a pen tube. Wrap duct tape around until you get the desired amount. Cut off excess pen tube. Feed the two strands through the tube.

Step 3: Braid

For this step i used the four strand round braid. But you can use many other knots. Just choose one you would like the best. Keep repeating the knot until you get the length you want.

Step 4: Handle

For the handle you also can use pretty much any knot. I used the crown knot.

Step 5: Key Ring

I used a crown knot again to secure the key ring to the handle. Then cut of the excess paracord and melt it.

Step 6: Final Product

This is what you should have after it all is done.



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Flails have some serious drawbacks: they are slow to respond and can be easily defeated by a skilled opponent. Most of the time they aren't in a position to strike. As a result, you get lag between when you should strike and when you can strike. By intercepting the line, the flail becomes a weapon against the wielder and it loses it's momentum.

That said, they do have a good amount of force behind them when they hit due to the lever and momentum.

Flails were designed to attack opponents by bypassing their shield. They excel in 1:1 tournament style melee where opponents tend to use a shield. In modern times, they aren't very practical for self defense.

Good use of a monkey's foot knot and a great way of explaining how to make one fast. The tightening part can be really tedious though.

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Perhaps a tutorial for a paracord handgun grip would be a more favorable subject for your approval. I can guarantee that this is a very effective self defense weapon.. especially if you substitute the golf ball for a 1" ball bearing. Unless of course you run into a ninja wearing body armor. Jeez...

The paracord would have to be wound really tight or it would become a liability on a handgun grip. ;)

I'm sure it would be a good self defence weapon, if you practiced with it religiously. No weapon is good unless you are proficient and practice often. Every weapon has advantages and disadvantages. I was just pointing out what flails were originally designed for and are good at along with their shortcomings. Everything has a trade off and being aware of disadvantages help to mitigate their shortcomings.

Thanks for the idea

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2 years ago

I never used a jig to make my monkeys fists. I can see it would help in the beginning however it seems like it might create a lot more work when pulling out the slack to snug everything up. Think I'm going to give a jig try on my next monkey's fist and see how it goes. Definitely look up your local laws. a monkey's fist is a tool when used in the right situation but when carried on the street it can be considered a weapon. For example with a hammer it can be in your toolbox and on the work site but if you carry it down the street. it can be considered a weapon and illegal at that point. I definatley would not try to carry your flail into a government building. If they recognize it for what it is you could be looking at jail time.

That's a great tool to turn you into a felon in ca with or without the ball just a large monkey fist knot falls into the same category as a blackjack here

Or, a tube sock and a rock - the rock to be conveniently tossed when the skull-bashing has been successfully accomplished.

under current British law this is and offensive weapon and you can be arrested and charged for possession if seen by the police. take out the golf ball and it is fine

A good idea, thanks for the 'ible.
What are the lengths of the various sections?