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Intro: Paracord Shot Gun Sling

This is a custom, fixed length, Clemson themed, paracord gun sling that I made for a Benelli shotgun. . This sling is a double cobra weave and is quite comfortable. It took about 90 feet of paracord in total to make the sling. Sorry I didn't take more pictures, but I was in a hurry.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice sling - I'm going to be making a couple myself. Course, the Clemson theme is perfect :) I'm going to be making mine in the Marine Corps colors and the Chicago Bears (I know, I know :)

    It's a double cobra knot - this is a video link on how to do one though it's a bracelet the knot is still the same - attaching to the sling rings will be the same and ending will be the same - it's slightly different than this core but if you don't like this one check out a couple more of his double cobra videos - they may be done in different ways - I don't know because I just used this one for the paracord belt I just made.

    I would suggest, however, if you do make one that you figure out a setup similar to this one - I used an old clipboard with some small rubber tipped spring clamps - rather difficult to work with 42" (in my case) of paracord if you don't have it clamped or attached to something to hold it tight. Also, wind up the majority of your paracord as it will make it a lot easier on your arms than trying to pull 45' of cord through a knot!! :) Good luck!!


    4 years ago

    Really looks nice but some details on the weave would be much appreciated

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    It is a quite complex weave. I tried to post a video but it wouldnt let me. I learned how to do it from Rock Paracord on youtube. Sorry I couldnt help you more.