Paracord Soft Shackle




Introduction: Paracord Soft Shackle

Soft shackles are made to be a strong, lightweight alternative to carabiners. Various uses can range from securing items to a backpack pack, or suspending a hammock. Because the soft shackles are made out of cord they are lighter than carabiners, and they take up less room.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

You will need: two feet of paracord, a tool of your choice to poke a hole in the paracord, scissors, a measurement tool, a lighter, and micro paracord.

Step 2: Fold the Paracord in Half.

Not much to explain here.

Step 3: Tie a Diamond Knot

In the other end of the rope loosely (you will need to adjust the size of the loop) tie a diamond knot.

If my pictures don't do the job:

Step 4: Size the Loop

The paracord loop needs to be about 8.5 inches (21.5 cm)

Step 5: Cut the Paracord

Cut and fuse the paracord as close to the knot you can.

Step 6: Mark the Knot

The paracord needs to be marked about an inch from the knot.

Step 7: Poke a Hole

Use a tool of your choice to poke a hole in the paracord through the spot you marked, and then poke it through the other end to widen the hole.

Step 8: Cut the Micro Paracord

one foot of micro paracord will work perfectly.

Step 9: Knot the Micro Paracord

A double overhand knot needs to be tied in the micro paracord.

Here is a link to the knot:

Step 10: Put the Rope in the Hole

Step 11: Poke Another Hole

this hole needs to be adjacent to the first hole.

Step 12: Thread the Cord

Pass the end of the micro paracord through the second hole.

Step 13: And Another Hole

Put a hole 5 mm under the second hole.

Step 14: Thread the Cord

Pass the cord through the hole that was just made and then through another hole adjacent to it.

Step 15: More Holes

Repeat the previous steps until the micro paracord passes through the paracord four times, and then pull it tight.

Step 16: Wrap It

Tightly wind the micro paracord up towards the double overhand knot.

Step 17: One More Hole

you can see where this is going.

Step 18: One More Knot

Secure the micro paracord by tying a double overhand.

Step 19: You Could Be Done Here

If you want to put in the extra effort there is one additional step, but the soft shackle will work as it is now.

Step 20: If You Want To...

Use the micro paracord to make a small loop in the other end of the soft shackle.

Step 21: No Micro Paracord, No Problem

The micro paracord can be replaced by a knot, but using a knot weakens the paracord and doesn't look as nice.

Step 22: Using the Soft Shackle

Pass the end of the shackle through the small loop formed by the micro paracord and over the diamond knot.

Step 23: Enjoy!

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5 years ago

Really like this. It's like the old Chinese rope buttons on some of their clothes. Can't remember what they were called.


Reply 5 years ago

Simply known as "Chinese button knots"; see ABOK 599.


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Well there you go. Easier than I thought. Thanks for the reference.


5 years ago on Introduction

i tend to just use a stopper knot on one end, and a hitch on the other, but this is neat!


5 years ago

This is an awsome knot! I put a fisherman's knot under the diamond knot and it worked perfectly.