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Introduction: Paracord Spool

I wanted to try this project after seeing the one here So I popped a piece of PVC on a carabiner and started to wrap it like Stomdrane did on the link above. I apparently do not have the patience for that so I decided to start over and make sides on my spool to keep the paracord on instead of the the cross pattern. So I gathered my parts, I made 2 but for one you need a carabiner 2) 1/2x2 sch40 slip reducer bushings (the 2" side may need to be smaller depending on your carabiner, I used a large cheap one from Harbor Freight) 4" of 1/2" sch40 PVC pipe (again depends on carabiner) elec tape & PVC glue.

Step 1: Cut Bushings

The first thing you need to do is cut the bushing with a cut off wheel on a grinder (hold the bushing in a vice so you don't cut off a finger or two!!!! There are many different brands of PVC fittings I used Spears because that's the brand we sell where I work. So on one like I used you cut the hex shaped top off the round part we are going to use the hex so clean it up a bit to get all the burrs off.

Step 2: Cut & Split Pipe

Next the PVC pipe. Cut it to  4" or the length you need for your carabiner. Put it in a vice and split it in half ON ONE SIDE ONLY using your grinder with the cut off wheel.

Step 3: Start Assembly

Next put the carabiner in the vice to hold it while you put the pipe on. I used a flat screw driver to open one end and start it,as you get it further on you will need to move the screw driver a couple times to open it up where needed. In this step you also can slide the ends unto the carabiner you want to put them on so the top of the original bushing is pointing in to the center of the spool.

Step 4: Glue and Tape

Glue the ends on. I found it easier to slide the ends to the center of the pipe and just put the glue on the pipe and slide the ends back to the edge. Then wrap the pipe with elec tape to cover the split.

Step 5: Just Wrap It!

Now you are done! All you need to do is put some cord on it! I got 76' of 550 paracord on mine! Now you have a neat roll of paracord that will be ready when you need it and not a tangled mess in your bag!

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3 years ago

If you don't have the electric tools, I found a better way to cut the bushing. I laid my hacksaw on a smooth surface. Keeping the saw from moving with one hand, I slide the bushing back and forth on the saw blade. It isn't something you can rush, but after the cut is made, I used sandpaper to smooth it out.


4 years ago

@The_Doer_Of_Things ???