Paracord Survival Bracelet




Intro: Paracord Survival Bracelet

Step 1: Materials

1 Length of Paracord (1 foot per inch of bracelet) 1 3/8 in. Buckle Needle nose pliers Lighter

Step 2: Threading the Buckle

Insert the paracord through the TOP of the buckle and pull through itself

Step 3: The Cobra Knot

This weave is very simple and is the same process repeated multiple times. First, place the left string over the two strands. Next, Place the right strand over all of the Strands. Then, place the right strand under the left strand loop and the two strands. Lastly, pull tight! ( it's kind of hard to explain in words but I tried to make the pictures as clear as possible

Step 4: Continuing the Knot

The next knot is the same one as last just opposite... You'll see by the pictures

Step 5: Finishing

Keep repeating the last two steps until you have reached the last buckle

Step 6: Cutting and Burning Ends

Cut of the two ends as low as you can Then melt the frayed ends with a lighter and press down with a pair of pliers



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    No Problem, Thanks For The Comment


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome, wanting to learn how to do this for a to just do it! :) Thanks!