Paracord Survival Dog Tag Necklace: Fire/Signal




Introduction: Paracord Survival Dog Tag Necklace: Fire/Signal

Everyone tries to make an easy, small survival kit. Some people make those in the form of necklaces. Although, about 90% of the time, this just means hanging everything form your kit by a single strand of paracord. This looks odd, carrying around all these weird large items around your neck. So, spread out your kit into everyday jewelry. Some things I am unable to include due to my being in school and I would be arrested if I included them in jewelry, i.e; knives, matches, etc;... However, I am able to carry around simple little survival things that make a NORMAL LOOKING necklace, not a huge clump of gear on a string. So to start, take two 3-4 foot pieces of paracord and braid them, or you know, do any other kind of paracord braid or necklace. Make sure the clasp is a loop and a piece of firesteel. This is option one for starting fires, and since it requires a sharp edge to strike it, it is not dangerous in school. Well... scissors... but okay. On this necklace you could put various survival things... but, don't go putting a flashlight or a flippin' bow saw on a necklace... Make little survival implements in the shape of dog tags. For the first dog tag, which is a signal mirror, use the mirror-polished aluminum disc from inside of a computer hard-drive and cut out the shape of a dog tag, drill a hole, and use a very small keychain ring or a little piece of dog tag chain to attach it to the necklace. Usually, dog tags come in a pair, so for the partner, make a magnifying glass dog tag, which is option 2 for starting a fire. It takes longer, but hey, bragging rights. use one of those "wallet magnifying glasses" you can get at Barnes & Noble. They're thin plastic magnifying glasses that fit in a wallet. You can also make them the shape of a dog tag. So, mirror, magnifying glass, paracord, firesteel. Enough, right? WRONG SIR. Take several small paperclips and braid them inside the paracord so they can't be seen. They can be bent into fishing hooks and used in snares, paired with the string inside of the paracord. THEN, take one of those cheap mini compasses and fit it in between one of the braided areas in the paracord, so the cord makes a circle around it and it looks like the compass is in the paracord. Okay, that's all I got. Have fun, or whatever. Bye. Leave.



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    thats pretty cool, I like your philosophy on making anything decorative also useful.