Paracord Threading Needle




This tutorial will show you how to make a threading needle to use when making turk’s head knots. You should make a few at a time incase you lose one. I purchased the 2” aluminum screw post at Menards (UPC 738287861648) for less than a $1.

You can discard the screw that came in the package.

Step 1: Tools and Material

Tools needed:

- Hacksaw

- Drill press

- File

- Sandpaper


-2” aluminum screw post

Step 2: Put in the Drill Press

Leave about half of it sticking out of the chuck. I don't tightened the chuck as much as I would on a drill bit.

Step 3: Cut Off the End

With the drill press running, cut off the end with a hack saw. Make sure you have eye protection on!

Step 4: File the End

I use a fine file to smooth down the end. Once its down to a nice point, you can use 220, then 400 sand paper to make a smooth surface if you want.

Step 5: Done

Thats it. Just about any melted end of a paracord will go into the threaded end of the needle (no need to cut/melt it any differently). If there is a big glob of melted paracord, just cut it off, and don't melt as much next time. Go out and make a turks head knot.



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1 year ago

I don't have any shop tools, but made one from an extra knitting needle. It works great and took less than 10 minutes to make it. :-)


2 years ago

It's probaly just me, but "Just about any melted end of a paracord will go into the threaded end of the needle" doesn't tell me how to do it. Do i just stuff it in the open end, or try to get the melted bit to bite into the thread and screw it in? I'm very new to using paracord and can see a lot of applications, any help here would be appreciated. I'm off to the shops to get some posts.


4 years ago on Introduction

Great idea, never thought of using Chicago keys (aka screw rivets or screw posts) for this. The drill press idea is awesome. By a whim of the business climate about 30 years ago I ended up with a bunch of aluminum knitting needles, and I cut the tips off of some of them of various widths to various lengths and threaded the inside of the tubes lightly with a tap. Now I have never used these needles for paracord but I have used them for leather, rawhide, and sinew since then and they work fine, I see no reason why they wouldn't work for paracord too.


4 years ago on Introduction

hi thanks for this how to. i love the drillpress tip, ive never thought of that so simple and would save time.



In hobby stores, these are often understood as screw posts for wedding albums.

Here in Columbia, Missouri, - besides Menard's - I can get various sizes of these at Westlake's Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and Hobby Lobby. But only a few sizes are available - usually much shorter than 2 inches. Put a screw post and an extension post (or two) together, and you'll be golden. If necessary to keep them from coming apart, glue the threads with super glue. The longest ones (2 inches and around that) I've seen are at Westlake's.

Note that not all screw posts are made of aluminium. Some are of stainless steel and will be much stronger (as well as much harder to cut down). Bring a magnet with you to check.

To me, the smartest thing is not to ask for "screw posts" or whatever - it is to bring a printout of the picture in step 2 in the article. Instant recognition. As they say, a picture is worth .....

Good luck.


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

I found some at Lowes. If you don't have a Lowes nearby, you can try an office or art supply store or simply shop online.


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

i got some needles online since the only places with anything remotely like that are shoemakers and the only 2 in town didn't have any or only very small ones, i got 2 small ones anyway form threading tracers into bracelets.

the screwposts are still an enigma yet to be found, will try staples. Lowes doesnt exist in this country.


4 years ago on Introduction

I made one a while ago using different tools. I had a hard time finding the binder posts (screw posts). Only place that had the long ones (3") was TrueValue.


4 years ago on Introduction

1) Awesome hack!

2) A while back I broke a gun cleaning rod and instead of throwing it away I did something similar to what you did but it's quite a bit longer. It doesn't work too well when weaving around a tight radius like a water bottle or flashlight (too long), but sooner or later it might come in handy.

3) I'm glad to see someone else uses a hacksaw and drill press/lathe the same way I do. ;)