Paracord Vape Necklace (Cobra Knot)




I wanted to order a necklace-type thing for my vape. but spending $3 on a cheep boring nylon sucked... so i used some paracord..

I have a Ego - T Battery and a CE4 clearomizer. A very basic $10 Vape. I use Fantasia liquid with no nicotine.(Magic Dragon is amazing)

Step 1:

1) Start with the battery upside-down and your clearomizer unscrewed from the device.
2) start your basic Cobra Weave at the Bottom and headed towards the clearomizer area.
3) Continue just below the button
4) Instead of cutting and burning the ends, Knot them (as tight as possible) and then burn them so they stick (DO NOT CUT THEM YET)
5) Run the rest of the paracord as long as you would like for the necklace
6) begin to tie the paracord in a knot but before pulling tight, melt the two loose ends together
7)Now pull the knot toward the newly melted ends and pull tight Completing your necklace
8) Enjoy not needing to have to bend your vape in your pocket and having it close to your mouth!

Plus it looks awesome with paracord!

To do two different colors:
take two equal lengths of two different colors and melt them together. then start your weave the same way but from that middle point. Whatever color you follow with should be in the middle. (you will see what i mean when you try it.)

Step 2:

This was the Bracelet and the keychain i had made. When i say two colors the one you follow with will be in the middle, i mean that on my dual colored bracelet i started with it upside down and followed green, so now that it is rightside-up, Green is on the outside and black is in the middle. if you wanted it the other way you would follow with black first.



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