Paracord Wallet (v.4.0)




Introduction: Paracord Wallet (v.4.0)

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a wallet out of paracord! This design has a top fold for holding bills and two card pockets on the sides. My pockets ended up a bit small, but don't let that discourage you. This is actually the third type of paracord wallet that I've made, but it's the first one of mine to be made into an Instructable. It's actually my first Instructable ever, so I apologize for my poor cameraman-ship and if my instructions are unclear. Even though this is the third wallet I have made, I call it version 4.0 because the whole idea for my wallets was based on an Instructable by Mrballeng. I really liked the idea of a paracord wallet, but I didn't like the design that he made. After I show you how to make this one, I'll post some pictures of other wallets I have made and maybe some sketches of designs I will make in the future. I apologize that all of my paracord is the same color. Much like Batman, I only work in black...and sometimes very very dark gray. However, it is completely possible to do multicolored wallets, so feel free to do what you want with colors. If you look at the Paracord Wallet by Mrballeng, you can see what a multicolored wallet will look like.

Anyway, enjoy this Instructable! I would suggest watching all the steps before starting because I made the whole thing up on the fly. I may contradict myself a few times.

P.S. If I win something in the Paracord Challenge, I'll post my next design when I make it.

P.P.S. Here is a link to the Paracord Wallet by Mrballeng

Step 1: Materials/Tools

You will need about 55 ft of paracord. If you want to do a checkerboard pattern, you need 30 ft of one color and 25 of another. There will be four strands total: two of 25' and two of 2'.



-Old Textbook (you can also use cardboard, but it folds in on itself if you pull the paracord too tight.)


-Sharpie Marker/Pen

-STRONG scissors (for cutting old textbook)


-Paracord Needle/Fid/Wooden Skewer (I threaded the whole thing with a skewer, so you don't need to buy a fid, but they really aren't that expensive)

-A dollar bill and a credit card for reference

Step 2: Make the Form

Start by drawing an outline of the body of your wallet on the inside cover of an old textbook. I made mine 8" x 3.5". I wouldn't go any smaller or else your cards will stick out the sides.

Also make two forms for your card pockets. Ignore the dimensions in the picture. I ended up changing that later. Just make them about the same size as a credit card. 2.25" x 3.5" should be great.

Cut them out with some hefty scissors. I used Cutco brand. I will warn you, this is the most painful step. It takes some serious grip strength to cut through a textbook cover, but believe me when I say it's worth it. It is the only material I have found that can be cut to the right size and doesn't break in half in the middle of your project.

Feel free to improve the look of your old textbook (see image 6). Personally, I think it looks much better now. Too bad we can't do anything about the subject matter...

The next step is to have a snack, hence the Skittles. You will probably need a break after this part.

Step 3: Gut and Flatten Paracord

Now gut your paracord. (It's less gruesome than it sounds.)

You'll want to do this in lengths of no more than 25 ft.

Cut both ends off.

Pull the white inside strands out a little until there is a good 6 inches on the other end where you can't feel them inside anymore.

Have someone hold the end without the white insides. Tell them to just stand there.

You take the end with excess white strands and walk away until the paracord is fully extended.

Pull just the white strands until they come out completely.

THE PERSON HOLDING THE NON-WHITE END DOES NOT PULL!!! It's like trying to pull a Chinese Finger Trap off your finger. It doesn't work.

(I literally shouted for joy when I found out that this works. Before, I was trying to pull the colorful outer part off of the white strands. It was not easy.)

Now you need to flatten your paracord. Mrballeng did this with a flat iron, but I used a normal iron on an ironing board. Just follow the video.

Just make sure you don't leave the iron down too long. I left in down way too long and it burned the ironing board a little.

Step 4: Horizontal Strands

Take one of the 25 ft strands and wrap it around the larger form.

This step is all laid out in the video, but I'll briefly explain in words what to do.

Tape one end down to the very bottom of the back side of the form. (Pic. 1)

Keeping the paracord flat, wrap it around to the front side of the form, still on the bottom of the form. (Pic. 2)

Wrap it around the back again, but do it right above where you taped it. (Pic. 3)

Continue wrapping it around until most of the form is covered. Mine ended up being 14 strands high on the front (yellow) side.

Step 5: Vertical Strands

Now you will need to follow the videos because I stopped taking pictures.

Step 6: Pockets

Follow the video.

Step 7: Burn It (Not ALL of It...)

Tie off the excess, cut it short, and burn it. You should probably tie it, then take the form out, then cut it and burn it.

If there are two strands of excess right next to each other, just tie them together and burn it.

If there is a lonely strand of excess, loop it back under the strand it just crossed and tie it to itself.

You are done! If it is loose in some parts, just scrunch the paracord into place with your finger nails.


Step 8: Other Wallets

v. 2.0 (Pics 1-4)

v.3.0 (Pics 5-9)

Idea for v.5.0 (Pic 10)

I use v.3.0 right now. It's my favorite so far.

Again, go check out Mrballeng's wallet. It was my inspiration for this whole thing, so I want to give him a lot of credit.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi guys! I'm trying to make this but can't seem to find the gutted paracord required for this project. I was wondering if you made it or there is a special website that I don't see. Please reply ASAP! Thank you!

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Buy regular paracord. Cut off the tip and pull out the inner strings. I don't think you can buy gutted paracord anywhere. Have fun with this project!

Buy regular paracord. Cut off the tip and pull out the inner strings. I don't think you can buy gutted paracord anywhere. Have fun with this project!

Buy regular paracord. Cut off the tip and pull out the inner strings. I don't think you can buy gutted paracord anywhere. Have fun with this project!

Buy regular paracord. Cut off the tip and pull out the inner strings. I don't think you can buy gutted paracord anywhere. Have fun with this project!

Does anyone know what 2' means???????

I just realized that none of the videos have audio! I'm so sorry! The bulk of my instructions are just me talking! Is anyone else having that problem, or is it just my computer being weird? Please try to watch one of the videos and leave a comment telling me whether or not you can hear anything. Thanks!

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